The Pearl in our Jam

Happy September folks!

That’s right! A new month! With that comes the thoughts of school, of summer leaving and the nice, crisp autumn days approaching. Summer flings and days of wandering are now gone! Damn it. A singer that represents the lyrics and emotions of his classic rock predecessors is on my mind right now as I think to the soon-t0-be-colorful trees. Eddie Vedder’s perfect representation of Alexander Supertramp’s journey across the continental USA in song has been very near the top of my playlists while driving, writing and just fucking around. Hard Sun and Society from his Into the Wild Soundtrack as well as Pearl Jam’s Last Kiss are great tunes for the changing of the seasons, the ebbing of the tide and the lulls in your busy day.  From his smooth voice spanning all the way to the perfect musical arrangement, Vedder spares no energy in sharing his art.

Eddie Vedder – Hard Sun

Eddie Vedder – Society

Complementing Vedder’s genius is one of my favourite new bands to just listen to, especially when driving down those long, relaxing roads, the Freelance Whales.

Freelance Whales – Generator ^ First Floor

Gilbere Forte – 1st Floor (Ft. Freelance Whales)


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