A look at some duos

There are really two very notable duos that are constantly making music for us all to listen to.

First off is Matt & Kim, who have been becoming more and more popular over the past several months, with the explosion of their song Cameras.  The two have been working very hard over the past couple months, while trying to put together a great followup album, and through their hard work, they’ve put together Sidewalks, which is due to be released tomorrow.  One song I’ve heard, that i instantly took a liking to is Good For Great, and yes, i guess Matt and Kim traded up from being a good team to a great one, with a stellar song like GFG.

Matt & Kim – Good For Great

Next up is Belle and Sebastian, who are more well known for their music than MaK, but are from a completely different genre, so its hard to compare.  Either way, i think that Belle and Sebastian are something special and their song Write About Love is a prime example of this.

Belle and Sebastian – Write About Love


Matt & Kim – Wires


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