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A few weeks back my buddy Alex asked me to go see Jimmy Eat World play a show at the Kool Hause. At that time, I enjoyed  Jimmy World’s music but I don’t know if I could haveclassified myself as a ‘real fan’…yet.   Funny story made short, we decided to skip the opening band so we came right on time for the concert…or so we thought.  We parked in a lot near the venue and just before we started walking I notice Alex frantically searching his pockets. Guess what he lost:

A)   His Jimmy Eat World action figurines

B)   His wallet

C)   The tickets

D)   The homemade ginger bread cookies that resemble the band members (do people still eat ginger bread cookies?)

Well if you guessed C) lost tickets you are CORRECT!

So, there comes a time in a person’s life where you need to cut your losses and just accept reality. After searching for ten minutes we decided to cut our losses and started on tried to figured out what to do next.  Thanks to  my good ol’ friend technology, these tickets were bought online. So we decided to call a friend who lived decently close to the venue and told him that in the next 5 minutes we would be coming by to reprint the tickets. Although we missed the first two songs… better late than never!

Now for the review on their performance:

Their live performance was near flawless. Their live sound resembled the same quality of their recorded tracks on their albums.  In fact, I’ll argue that some songs sounded better live. I was also impressed with the dual vocals between Jim Adkins (main vocals and guitar) and Tom Linton (guitarist and vocals). Not only did their voices compliment one another, it gave them some flexibility in their twenty-four song set list, especially when there was a sixteen minute song in the lineup…No joke.

Undoubtedly, Jim Adkins carried their live performance.  You could feel his passion for his music through his charismatic stage presence.  In fact, in between songs someone in the audience asked him to take a photo with him, Jim jumped off staged snapped a quick photo and jumped back on stage.

Well its safe to say they won me over. I would like to thank my buddy Alex for taking me to see a great live band! Also, I recommend you take a listen to the songs from their setlist that night at

Jimmy Eat World-Hear You Me

Jimmy Eat World -Sweetness

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