Fleet Foxes Dubstep Remix?

If you haven’t already guessed, I’ve been going through some serious Fleet Foxes withdrawal lately. Whether I’m doing a post on them, or about a band similar to them (Boy & Bear), I’m sure I won’t be completely satisfied until they release their second album.

Nevertheless, here is something that I never thought would work. While we all know Fleet Foxes is a folk band, known for their beautiful harmonies and refined lyrics, who knew that someone could successfully remix their music?

Well, not only is this a remix their track, Mykonos, it’s a Dubstep remix. Usually I’ll leave Dubstep to our friend Mr.Pooch, but this is an exception (check out Pooch’s Dubstep posts pt.1 an 2). Also, let’s give a hand to Barbaric Merits, the young DJ group out of Kansas City, who put this track together, achieving something I thought impossible.

Fleet Foxes – Mykonos (Barbaric Merits Foxtronic Dubstep Remix)

THE BONUS TRACK: A quick addition from our very own Pooch, who was too lazy (I joke, I kid) to make his own post…  Catch Carlos St. John’s latest In Association release, which happens to be one of his best.

Carlos St John – Who Else But Me


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