Little Tybee: Nero

Emerging from Georgia’s indie music scene is a band by the name of Little Tybee (myspace). While relatively unknown, the five person mini orchestra, which formed just last December, will be a force to be reckoned with in the New Year.

Despite a full-length album and an EP to their name to date, it’s the single off their upcoming album, Humorous To Bees, which really caught my attention. Set to be released in February 2011, the single, Nero is representative of the band’s unmistakable musicianship.

Fronted by Brock Scott, Little Tybee possess an “it” factor similar to Beach House and even Grizzly Bear, though their sound it quite different. Also, if you’re a fan of the yo-yo (from childhood or whenever), take a couple minutes and watch the song’s music video, as a master of the craft seems to serve the perfect visual for the track.

Little Tybee – Nero

THE BONUS TRACK: Check I Do Not Care for the Winter Sun, Beach House’s latest release. It’s perfect for the holiday season! (Note the jingle bells!)

Beach House – I Do Not Care for the Winter Sun



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