Ghost Heart

Here is an awesome (and i mean awesome) band that is under a month away from releasing its debut album, The Tunnel (which is due out Jan 29th.) ┬áThe band from Grand Rapids, Michigan, includes Tim Broderick, Justin Gray, Cedric Canero and Troy Reimink; and i can’t really place exactly who they sound like in the widespread music world.

The three songs that i’ve heard that are off this upcoming record are each unique in their sound, as No Canticle, an almost 8 minute song, has incredible progression from melancholic to mellow to a smooth, relaxing instrumental outro.

Ghost Heart – No Canticle

Next up is Wilderness, which is my favorite of the three tunes, taking a basic guitar riff and a bass-drum oriented percussion section and some nice harmonization, along with Tim Broderick’s great voice (which sounds like Ezra Koenig from Vampire Weekend to some extent).

Ghost Heart – Wilderness

BONUS TRACK!!! Here is the third song from The Tunnel that i’ve heard, Little Vampires. ┬áThis song is a more vocal one that lets Broderick do his thing with his great voice.

Ghost Heart – Little Vampires



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