Radiohead – King Of Limbs

When Radiohead made the announcement via their site earlier this week that their 8th studio album “King of Limbs” would be out this Saturday a better part of the music-loving Internet was sent into a fury of giddy fanboy hype. When Thom Yorke and the guys decided to give to it us one day early…well, let’s just say it was an exciting morning for us fans.

Upon first putting the album on I could tell I was in for a more experimental side of the band. The opener, Bloom, fades in with scattered, off-time percussion, odd but soothing loops, ticks, and buzzes, and a whole lot of other sounds that simultaneously converge on the listeners ear. It wasn’t until Yorke’s unmistakable voice appeared that I realized I was listening to the new Radiohead album and not the latest Flying Lotus track. At this point I was intrigued but the hype I had built up in myself over a few short days was far from satisfied.

Luckily for me, the opener was only doing what it should and the next track “Morning Mr Magpie” put me exactly where I needed to be; it was all uphill from here. Everything I’ve loved about the band was back: the hypnotizing rhythms, the appropriate emotion in Thom’s voice, the captivating melodies of Jonny’s guitar. This feeling continued and only grew stronger when Little By Little and then later, Lotus Flower (which you can listen to below), came on. Both are stand-out tracks on the album for me along with Codex, the album’s sorrowful piano ballad, and the closer, Separator.

Although King of Limbs is setting a more chilled out mood and generally has a more organic feel than any previous album, it definitely goes without saying that every fan of the band or alternative rock in general should give this album a listen. For those of you who like what you hear, I can assure you its complexity will make it grow on you like it has for me.

Radiohead – Lotus Flower


Radiohead – Codex

Written by “Big Ben”


Sooooooo… one thing i realized is that the last song on the album is called Separator. ¬†With that being said, King Of Limbs is unusually short of Radiohead and having listened to each song several times, i’ve started to question the lyrics

“If you think this is the end,

You are wrong”

Hmmm…… Is Newspaper the second half of this brilliantly different album???



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