E-Dubble – Written Thursdays [Mixtape]

Here we go with the latest thing from E-Dubble!  E-Dubble’s latest mixtape, Written Thursdays is one that no one should pass on! If you’ve been a reader of This Bonus Track over our already aging lifespan of almost 6 months, you’d know that I am a HUGE E-dubble fan and supporter and have made several comments regarding his awesome work.  This post is going to be my “Best of comments” that i’ve made over the past half year, just as Written Thursdays is the best of the best from Evan Wallace’s Freestyle Fridays.

“In his home-made studio, Evan Wallace has been tearing up my iTunes play counts and seriously has like 16 songs in my top 100″ and among those 16, 14 of them can be heard on WT.

E-Dubble – The In Between (FF #42)

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OK, so actually that best of idea isn’t going to work out too well… But i will do a proper review and maybe borrow a thing or two from other E-dubble supporters around the internet.

This mixtape isn’t some hodgy podgy put together thing like where rappers have thrown together beats and tracks in 15 minutes, this is the lovechild of E-Dubble and his pet-project of coming out with a unique song each and every friday for an entire year.  Having taken samples from famous artists, indie tracks that people haven’t ever heard and even famous songs that no one can recognize, Freestyle Fridays was a great way for E-Dubble to get his name out and about on the internet, not only that though, but it was a great way for him and Black Paisley to set up dropping this great mixtape of their hand-picked tracks from the past year.

E-Dubble – Space Rivers (FF #51)

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I’m going to walk you through my little relationship with the E-dubble crew from the past year.  I first fell in love with Freestyle 37, Get On Board… ironic, right?… when Lydia over at Sunset In The Rearview posted it.  From then on, every friday (thursday night really), i would check back eagerly waiting for the latest bit of brilliance to be released to the largely ignorant/unaware public.  Over the next almost 15 weeks, i collected the rest of the E-Dubble collection and then wound up getting in touch with several people in his camp, i swear, if only i had a support crew like that (oh damn, i do, i got you! and my boys).  Throughout the entire baseball game on October 6th, because it was my boy Doc’s pitching debut in the playoffs with his new Phillies, I decided to bump E-Dubble the entire time throughout that brilliant No-Hitter.  I yelled when there was the chance that E-Dubble didn’t release one of his Freestyles because his “ancient” computer overheated and like died… like thats how on edge i got because of the anxiety as the time was nearing for the release of a new freestyle.

Basically what i’m trying to say there is that this man’s music (which you can catch here of course… silly rabbit) kept me going!  His energy is really incomparable, and among the 23 tracks on this mixtape, i swear, one could run a marathon or go ten rounds against a boxer or escape a labyrinth and much more by doing nothing but feeding off the energy coming from your headphones.

My must-hears from this mixtape are: Animal, Hampden Parks and The In Between

Download the whole mixtape here!



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