This Bonus Track Presents: C Is For Cookies [Mixtape]

We put the offer out there and boy did you guys accept it!

Last week, I tweeted that upon hitting 400 “Likes” on Facebook and 750 Follows/subscriptions I would drop a mixtape.  Well by golly, here we are!

Along with having offered up an ultimatum for the follows/subscriptions/likes, came the big problem for me of thinking up what theme i should rock this mixtape with.  I then remembered my issue with keeping high spirits throughout my Spring Break while working several 15 hour days and then BAM! out of the blue i thought of making a cheery tape (along with some help thanks to Emily of 1 Girl and her iPod)

Then came the problem of “hmmmmm what songs make me happy?” Then I sifted through my extensive list of songs and picked out a nice selection of 15 tracks taking bits and bites from different genres… And a Bonus Track… because I mean seriously, we are This Bonus Track.

Reinvention – Forgot (ft. Florence and the Machine)

From there, Jay, Nab and I put our heads together and worked on what our cover should be.  Upon much deliberation, I threw a sentence along the lines of “how about Cookie Monster?! Or Cheshire Cat! OR EEYORE!” Actually, that sentence is a commonplace in my vocabulary.  Not only is it regularly spoken but i like to fancy myself as a less mopey, equally sly and more hungry version of Eeyore, Cheshire Cat and Cookie Monster respectively.  Ps… Isn’t the Cheshire Cat the biggest Shmuck on the face of the Earth, and everywhere else.

Jay-Z – A Star Is Born (Feat. J. Cole)

So here is to you, our generous followers and maybe even “fans”! Cheers!

Grab the whole Mixtape here!



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