Freedom Or Death – Virginia Woolf [World Premier]

As the days and months go by, artists around the world come out with new music and release it for the world to hear.  There are hits and then there are flops, there are record setting songs and big money tracks that feature several famous musicians and then there are the indie tracks that don’t garner the attention of the masses yet are in many cases much better than those popular ones.

Such is the case with this song Virginia Woolf by Freedom Or Death.  Freedom Or Death, comprised of Sway and Fernandez are a great duo who have chosen to live by their band name, which happens to be their mantra as well.  Having once been label affiliates, the duo opted to return to the indie roots so that they had the freedom to make the music their way (unlike whats happening with Lupe).  I must say that this shift back to the way they were has allowed for some great music to come our way, from unique covers of Nas’ If I Ruled The World to Pink’s Sober and then onto their own spectacular tracks like This Crowded Room, Lost In Dances and Meter Maid.  Today marks the nearing of Canada Music Week, during which (on March 11th) and Aux.TV bring you a CMW sanctioned show featuring Babe, Freedom Or Death and Put The Rifle Down.  Check out the event page here and come to see the bands play at the Bait Shop in Toronto.  Along with Freedom Or Death playing our CMW show, they also have the great opportunity to play at SXSW in Austin, and then right after that, they are releasing a brand new EP, dubbed “EGO.”

Now that we’ve gotten to this part, I get to debut Virginia Woolf to the world!!!!!!!  This track features bits and pieces from the legendary 1966 Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton film, “Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?”  This might be my favorite track by this great, under-appreciated band as Sway gets to showcase his incredible vocals while both he and Fernandez get to show off their great songwriting.

Freedom Or Death – Virginia Woolf

“Still you’re always leavin me around.”



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