The Canadian Soul/R&B/Jazz band, jacksoul has to be one of my favourites of all time. I’ve wanted to make this post for a long time, as I still reminisce about the day I first came across their single off the Sleepless album, “Can’t Stop”. I must’ve been around the age of 12 years old when I flipped on Much Music and watched Haydain Neale sing me into a jazz-induced daydreaming frenzy. From that moment the band jacksoul and their soothing music has failed to lapse my memory. My memorable moments with jacksoul don’t end there, I recall in grade school that we were forced, yes forced to perform gymnastics routines in gym class. The exact song, which I chose to perform my routine to, escapes me but it was one of “Can’t Stop”, “I Know What You Want”, or “Let Me Call You Baby”. If only this moment was caught on video and I could watch it, I would definitely conclude that I was an out of the closet 12 year old. It can be argued that I have changed since then, but it’s definitely not a memory I try to forget.

On to the actual band headed by vocalist Haydain Neale the rest of the invaluable band members include Adam Leo, Davide Direnzo, Brent Setterington, John Kanakis, Dave Murray, Ron Lopata, and Roger Travassos, Justin Abedin. jacksoul has won number awards in recognition of their genre defining music and has released a total of 5 albums through the years 1996-2009. Unfortunately, on November 22, 2009 Haydain Neale passed away of lung cancer. The rest of the band members were able to release an album in memory of Haydain from work, which they had been working on while Neale was well. The album entitled SOULmate was released on December 1, 2009 and all profits from the album go to the Haydain Neale Family Trust. The album can be purchased here and the official jacksoul website can be visited here.

jacksoul – Can’t Stop

jacksoul – I Know What You Want

jacksoul – Let Me Call You Baby

jacksoul – Lonesome Highway

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