Skrillex – First Of The Year

So having worked 10 hours today I get home to what? The 6th inning of my beloved Toronto Blue Jays game against the Detroit Tigers and to my surprise (but not really…) Justin Verlander is in the midst fo throwing a perfect game–turned no-hitter after an 8th inning walk.  Now this wasn’t the first no hitter of the year or even the first of Verlander’s career, earlier this week, Francisco Liriano of the Minnesota Twins threw it.

Because of this week being the week of the first no hitter of the year, i bring you Skrillex’s First of the Year, which to many of you may sound a lot like Equinox.  According to Skrillex himself, the track is the final version that was supposed to come out, but then Equinox was stollen and released anyway, so here is the shortened, final and official track First of the Year.

Skrillex – First Of The Year

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