The Wealthy West – Give Me Resurrection

I got an email the other day about this fantastic act The Wealthy West and the brand new EP, which now that I’ve listened to 9 times in a row I can fully say it is among my favorites of the year… WITH EASE!
Brandon Kinder (lead singer of the indie group The Rocketboys) decided that because he was writing music that didn’t really fall into the genres covered by The Rocketboys that he should just start producing his solo stuff under the moniker “The Wealthy West.”
Now over the past few days, he has gotten some coverage for the song Love Is Not Enough, which is a brilliant song, but in my mind the songs that really stick out in my mind are Another Bad Idea, Home and Give Me Resurrection. So i am going to share one with you.
The Wealthy West – Give Me Resurrection
The Wealthy West – Love Is Not Enough


  1. Muriah Hartgrave

    I love Give me Resurrection. I sing it to my son before he goes to his dads and he is starting to learn the words and sings it back! You guys are very good :) I drink hot tea and listen to you guys and I love it! May all good things come your way.

    Happy Holidays

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