Introducing: Ghost Pal

Walk the Brooklyn nightlife and you’d think the days of grandiose bands boasting lush arrangements were over. The tiring effect of electronic acts blasting technology based beats secures the scene’s repetition and future death. But, manage to stumble upon the right venue, on the right night, and you might just hear a slice of the …Read More

Wild Child – Pillow Talk

Wild-Child-Pillow-TalkAre you looking for 2011’s breakthrough indie-folk band? If so, today happens to be your lucky day. Wild Child, an Austin Texas based band has just released their debut album entitled Pillow Talk on Major Nation.A couple weeks ago I was fortunate enough to receive an email about the upcoming album, granting me permission to hear it in …Read More

SAMPLE SUNDAY: Mos Def’s Excellence

So, it’s Sunday again… and that means it’s time to watch the new Dexter episode. In case you haven’t been keeping up with the series, Mos Def has made a very surprising appearance in the new season of Dexter, playing the role of an ex-convict. Mos’ role has got me even more hooked on the …Read More

Q-Tip – End of Time (ft. KoRn)

Yes, that’s right, the title does say featuring KoRn, and I don’t blame you if you had to read it twice.. KoRn is not really the first band that I would picture chilling at the studio with the front man of one of the greatest rap groups of all time. This collaboration says a great …Read More

Throwback Thursdays – The Best of Athlete

Athlete’s music, most recently described by the band as “electro-tinged, indie pop”, is among the most under rated out there. Unfortunately, while gaining some good exposure in the UK, the band has gone pretty much under the radar throughout their career. The band’s first album, Vehicles and Animals is my personal favorite. The album is …Read More