John Stimson – All That I See

Holy smokes I’m excited to bring you today’s featured artist. His name is John Stimson and he’s a twenty-two year old Beatles lover born in Dallas Texas that I’ve been holding back from you for quite some time.

After first coming into contact with Johnny a couple weeks ago I downloaded his latest seven-track album entitled All That I See, released this past August (actually on my birthday). Although it took me a couple listens to listens to really appreciate the talent being displayed, his track New Shoes has literally been a staple in my day for at least the last week and a half. If you haven’t figured it out yet, that means it’s damn good.

With influences ranges from The Beatles to Michael Jackson to The Strokes, the album really does have something that will please everyone. With the charm of someone like John Mayer, Stimson’s sensitive and sometimes gritty voice should really be a charmer with the ladies.

So if you’re looking to brighten your day, I’d suggest that you give New Shoes, Penny and Sweetest Melody a listen. Also remember that All That I See is available on [itunes link=”″ title=”Johnny Stimson-All That I See (Album)” text=”iTunes here”]!

John Stimson – New Shoes [itunes link=”″ title=”Johnny Stimson-New Shoes”]

John Stimson – Penny [itunes link=”″ title=”Johnny Stimson-Penny”]

John Stimson – Sweetest Melody [itunes link=”″ title=”Johnny Stimson-Sweetest Melody”]

THE BONUS TRACK: In the spirit of Throwback Thursday’s, listen to the Strokes First Impressions of Earth track, Red Light.

The Strokes – Red Light

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