Matt Corby – Brother

Matt Corby, an Australian singer-songwriter who got his start as runner-up on Australian Idol nearly five years ago, recently gained my attention with the release of his single “Brother.” A beautiful and heartfelt song off of his newest album “Into the Flame,” the song was written following an argument that he had with his close friend, and even though Corby jokes about capitalizing on his pain, it is clear that this song is deeply emotional and successful because of it.

Since its release in November 2011, numerous versions of “Brother” have emerged on the internet, all of which are equally amazing. While the album version is slightly more upbeat, the acoustic rendition takes on a slower, more melodic tone. Also, a number of videos exist of Corby performing “Brother” at his signature “Garden Shows,” a set of secret and intimate performances held in his fans’ backyards last year. Overall, all of these versions display just how talented this up and coming artist truly is.

Matt Corby – Brother – Album Version

Matt Corby – Brother – Acoustic Version

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