M.Ward – The First Time I Ran Away

It’s been almost three years since M.Ward released his latest solo album, Hold Time. In the time that has elapsed, Ward has kept himself busy with other projects, including She & Him and Monsters of Folk, both of which have been featured on TBT over the past year.

On April 10th of this year, myself along with many other M.Ward fans will be embracing the release of his 6th solo album, entitled A Wasteland Companion. Personally, as much as I love the music of She & Him; featuring the duo on various occasions, it always saddened me that M.Ward’s vocals never played a featuring role (no offense Zoe).

Just a couple days ago, M.Ward released The First Time I Ran Away, the first single of the new album along with a beautifully animated music video to accompany it. Directed by Joel Trussell, the same guy who brought you the animation for M.Ward’s classic track, Chinese Translation, this new single single is catchy, calm and lyrically clever. Check out the videos for The First Time I Ran Away as well as Chinese Translation below!

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