Free SXSW Mixtape – The Family Records

The Austin, Texas music festival SXSW is fast approaching, and to celebrate, music label The Family Records has created an amazing mixtape featuring some of the best artists on lineup this year. Available as a free download for a limited time on their website, the mixtape includes songs form artists such as Lightyear, Voltaire Twins, Dry the River, and even Australian singer-songwriter Matt Corby who we featured here on TBT a few weeks ago.

Whether you’re prepping your playlist for the trip to SXSW or dreaming of attending the festival like me, you’ll no doubt appreciate the variety of tunes from this year’s up-and-coming artists. The mixtape is only available for free until March 13th 2012, so download it while you still can here!

Here are a few of my favourite songs off of the 13-track mixtape so far.

Dry the River - Weights and Measures

Zulu Winter – Let’s Move Back Front

We Are Augustines - Headlong Into the Abyss

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  1. Jen

    I LOVE Dry the River. Isn’t their music just so passionate? I haven’t heard something with that much fiery emotion in a long time. They’ve got an interactive sampler on YouTube right now. So creative.

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