Concert Review – Odd Future, 02 Academy Brixton 03/29

Odd-Future-610x234Earlier that day, at the pop up shop, I heard a random British teenage boy pose an interesting question – “What’s the big deal for some asshole with a backwards cap and gap teeth?”. Hours later, at the Odd Future concert, unable to breathe amongst the craziest and most tightly packed crowd I have ever …Read More

School Of Seven Bells – The Night

School of Seven BellsIt is no doubt that, in many cultures, seven is generally considered a lucky number. However, indie rock/electronic band School of Seven Bells did not derive their name from this fact or even from a love of Schoolhouse Rock (obviously the first thing I thought). They are actually named after a mythical South American pickpocket-training …Read More

Introducing: Fucking Werewolf Asso

fuckingwerewolfassoOne of the BEST and I mean, straight up best albums of two thousand and eleven was Fucking Werewolf Asso’s third bandcamp release, Nittiotremo. Comparable to being chased by Patrick Bateman in eternity, the album starts maniacally with spoken words to tie a generational thought process and then goes off the charts with intensity. And …Read More

Daniel Rossen – Silent Hour / Golden Mile EP

Silent Hour / Golden MileHearing from old friends is always usually great. Being treated by them is even better. Yesterday Daniel Rossen released his solo EP Silent Hour / Golden Mile. As a Grizzly Bear and Department of Eagles fan, it pleases me to see he’s still producing at a high level. He manages to retain the same distinctive …Read More