I know what you’re thinking. Is this girl really going to write about Hanson, the long-haired boy band from back in the day who sang Mmmbop? The truth is, yes. But instead of focusing on the past, I’m going to write about the brothers who never really went anywhere; the ones who started their own record label and released over nine full-length albums; and the ones that I’ve been following for over sixteen years as a dedicated fan.

Those who have kept in touch with Hanson’s career from the very beginning know that they aren’t just one-hit wonders, but talented musicians who overcame immense struggle when their label, Island Def Jam Records, tried to force them into mainstream success that would have ruined their creativity and sound. However, after a three-year long battle, they formed their own independent label 3CG Records and continued their rise to success.

Not only have these brothers worked for years to raise funds through their music for poverty and AIDS problems in Africa, but their countless tours have allowed me to see them on stage over six times in Toronto (including a few weeks ago at the Phoenix Concert Theatre, where they performed in front of an excited crowd).

If you can keep an open mind and overcome any previous boy band thoughts that you may have had, you might just take a liking to their catchy pop/rock sound. Here’s hoping!

Hanson – Crazy Beautiful

Hanson – Penny and Me

Hanson – Get Up and Go

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