Oceanship – “Hotback”

A few nights ago, while taking a break from writing one of my final papers for school, I started browsing the web in search of some new music to share with all of you this weekend. I was fortunate to come across the work of Ontario-born Brad Lyons, an independent artist who goes by the stage name Oceanship. Upon looking for some more detailed information on him, I learned that he has surprisingly never been signed to a record label. His first full-length album “Oceanship” was released in 2009, and since then, he has been trying to raise funds through fan-based donations to help him produce, record, promote, and successfully launch his second album.  His personal biography on his website is really inspiring and tells us a little bit more about his dream. It reads:

“I crumbled during my first week at university. After visiting every faculty and finding no relief, I moved beyond the confines of education in search of happiness, and what I discovered was that there is a big world out there. I came to the conclusion that I enjoyed- above all else- singing, creating. I then placed an ad in the local paper that read,’Experienced Singer Seeks Band.’ I received many calls. I began writing and recording immediately. And that led to this. In short, the day I decided to be a musician was the day I became a musician. If there is something you want to be, go be it. Everyone starts from the same place.”

So far, his song “Hotback” from his debut album is my favourite, as is the music video that goes along with it. Take a listen and click the link below to check out the music video to this amazing track.

Oceanship – “Hotback”


THE BONUS TRACK: If you have the time, watch the campaign video to learn a little more about Oceanship’s fan-based funding campaign, and if you like his music, consider purchasing his first album and/or donating to his cause! It’s talented independent artists like Brad Lyons who truly need our support.

You can view the campaign video and place a donation through Oceanship’s website here.


  1. Johnny Franklin

    The fund raising drive was hardly successful as according to IndieGogo raised less than a third of the $15,000 he hoped to raise. Why so low? Maybe if he’d stop thinking so much of himself and stop insulting fans he would have reached his goal. It’s all about money. Your money is wanted but don’t dare mingle with him, he’s far too good for that. Plus if his first album was so successful he wouldn’t have had to beg for funding for the second album like a charity case. Yeah, with all the diseases and disasters out there I’ll waste my money helping some asshole record an album. Did he give those who donated a discount, well um no. Please learn the facts before you assume. I for one wouldn’t piss on him if he was on fire next to me.

  2. Brad Lixdix Lyons

    I can’t get over how this hack tries to pose so much like the great late Jeff Buckley. Even an ilk for Oceanship had the gall to promote Brad Lyons as the next Jeff Buckley. In reality Brad Lyons is a snob, jerk and the rudest person I know. All of his music should be banned as it has racist overtones. He begged fans for money to fund an album then turned his crooked nose at them later. He needs to come clean and stop lying. And the girl I seen him with backstage must have been 15 at most. So throw that in to the great one.

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