School Of Seven Bells – The Night

It is no doubt that, in many cultures, seven is generally considered a lucky number. However, indie rock/electronic band School of Seven Bells did not derive their name from this fact or even from a love of Schoolhouse Rock (obviously the first thing I thought). They are actually named after a mythical South American pickpocket-training academy (fun fact!) – and that eclectic reference is the perfect introduction to their similarly eclectic sound. In the same vein as Phantogram, the duo of Benjamin Curtis and Alejandra Dehenza make

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tracks that are as equally upbeat as they can be haunting. One has to look no further for an example of this than their single “The Night” off their most recent album Ghostory. It in, cyclical samples of beats and crashing guitar intertwine with lyrics that are evoking of a much more troubling emotional experience than the melody would entail. I mean, it may not be “Conjunction Junction” but it is just as fantastic. School of Seven Bells – The Night

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