Young Man – Fate

One of my favorite movies is Can’t Hardly Wait – a fairly unknown 90s comedy featuring such typical stars of the decade as Seth Green and the guy who plays Turk on Scrubs (I’m not good with names). In addition to its witty dialogue, great music, and Kurt Vonnegut references, one of the reasons I enjoy the film are the questions it raises about the concept of fate and, in particular, the idea if it exists and, if so, how far can it take one. I am not sure if Chicago five-piece band Young Man has the same love for late 20th century movies as I do but their song “Fate” certainly covers the same type of theme. In the song, lead singer Colin Caulfield puts forward his thesis about the concept over shifting tempo changes that lead into an all-out feedback frenzy at the end. Just like the movie, it is something you will be happy you checked out.

Young Man – Fate

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