Children of the Night – ILYAS

A short disclaimer on my musical taste: anyone spy for android phone free who knows me knows of my love for Heems, Kool A.D., and Dapwell. The ability to be both innovative, knowledgeable, and homework help 6th grade math hilarious all while having a fresh sound is what research paper topics for middle school science makes the Das Racist crew so great – as well as what has made me hand over the cash to see them three times in concert. Which is why, when I first heard about rap group Children of the Night and their similarities to the previously mentioned, I got excited. Both groups are from Queens, composed of three members, and are favorites of Spin. The similarities between Das Racist and Children of the Night do not just end with those basic facts however. Similar to their predecessors, Children of the Night are equal parts creative, comical, and good old-fashioned New York flow. The perfect introduction track seems to be “ILYAS”. With recording handled by talented iphone spy software Detroit-based producer SKYWLKR, the group demonstrates their promising penchant for rhyming. Extra points for the line about looking like a “young Spanish Burt Reynolds.” Children of the Night – ILYAS  

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