Detroit has been known to produce a fair share of musicians – everyone from Aretha Franklin to George Clinton to Eminem to Alice Cooper. With the recent success of Detroit-based producer SKYWLKR, the city may add another name to its’ prestigious music list. Involved deeply in the production of upcoming rapper Danny Brown’s album XXX, SKYWLKR has the dimension of a chill-wave hip-hop that is similar to Flying Lotus. Available for free is his mixtape Strawberry Cough which showcases this unique style – a class example of it being the song “AK Haze”.

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With a barely recognizable sample from Jay-Z’s “Public Service Announcement”, the vibe of the track makes it equally comfortable to listen to studying by oneself or at a large public gathering. One criticism? According to an interview I read not only did the Jedi not inspire the producer’s moniker but he himself has never even seen Star Wars. To that I unleash the wisdom of “How I Met Your Mother” character Marshall … HIMYM – Never Seen Star Wars SKYWLKR – AK Haze


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