Matt Wertz – “Twenty-Three Places”

I first heard singer-songwriter Matt Wertz in 2003 when I was entering high school and exploring new kinds of music for the first time in my life. Until then, my tape and cd collection consisted mainly of the mainstream artists that were currently dominating the television and radio stations; and so upon hearing Wertz’s music, my fascination with independent artists was born. Suddenly, I was interested in finding out more about the talented musicians that, in my opinion, deserved as much attention and praise as the popular bands from the top 20 charts. Since 2003, Wertz has released approximately six full-length albums and four EPs. His second album “Twenty-Three Places” remains the closest to my heart, as it was this release that originally gained my attention. Nonetheless, his later works also contain a number of catchy tunes, and for this reason, they

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are worth checking out. Take a listen to some of my favorite tracks below… You just might end up being as inspired by his music as I was some nine years ago. Matt Wertz – Everything’s Right Matt Wertz – Wesley, Why? Matt Wertz – Marianne THE BONUS TRACK:Capitol City” and “Carolina” are my top picks from Wertz’s third studio album “Everything in Between,” released in 2006. Matt Wertz – Capitol City Matt Wertz – Carolina  

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