Great Lake Swimmers

One of the best ways to discover new music is to talk to your friends about it. Over coffee or a casual game of DJ Hero, you might just end the night with a list of recommendations that later become your new musical obsessions. This is exactly how I discovered the Great Lake Swimmers, a folk/rock band originally from Wainfleet, Ontario that was recommended to me from my good friend Mike. Upon hearing their song “Your Rocky Spine” I was immediately hooked, and couldn’t wait to share their music with all of you. Currently on tour to promote their fifth studio album “New Wild Everywhere” released earlier this month, the Great Lake Swimmers will no doubt impress you with their music that has been compared to the work of Iron and Wine, Sufjan Stevens, and even spy on a phone for free Neil Young. It’s a funny coincidence that how to spy on someone else’s android phone lead vocalist Tony Dekker once stated that “Music is interesting because it brings people together, and the more that I do this the more I realize the importance to that.” He couldn’t have been more right- take a listen to the band’s tracks below, and if you like what you hear, take a cue from Tony and my friend Mike and spread the word to your pals. There really is no better cell phone spy way to discover new music than by sharing it amongst your closest friends. Great Lake Swimmers – Your Rocky Spine Great Lake do my essay for money Swimmers – Pulling On a Line Great Lake Swimmers – Changing Colors Great spy phone software crack Lake Swimmers – Backstage with the Modern Dancers THE BONUS TRACK: As a new fan of the Great Lake Swimmers, it is still hard to pinpoint my favorite songs. However, “Easy Come Easy Go” is the track that stands out to me the most from their most recent album. Great Lake Swimmers – Easy Come Easy Go

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