Jon Bryant – What Takes You

A couple of years ago while browsing the iTunes store, I came across a single of the week from a Canadian artist that I had never heard of before- Jon Bryant. Impressed with the beauty of the track, I went in search of his other work and quickly became a fan of the soft acoustic style that characterized his debut album “Two Coasts for Comfort.” Today, Bryant releases his second album titled “What Takes You,” and from the first listen, I can already tell that his signature acoustic style prevails.

Filled with sentimental and melancholic tracks, “What Takes You” is the perfect follow-up to Bryant’s earlier release, and as the artist reveals in his personal review of viagra generic the album, each song has been included to evoke different emotions from the audience. He states “we wanted to create a mood and a progression of emotions with the songs… I like the way music can draw one specific reaction from one person and another very distinct reaction from another.” Indeed, “What Takes You” will no doubt play on your emotions and remind cialis generic online you of what pure and natural musical talent sounds like. See for yourself, and if you like what you hear, purchase the album on iTunes or Bandcamp!

Evening Sun – Jon Bryant

Take Me if You viagra pharmacy Must – Jon Bryant

Carolina (James Taylor Cover) – Jon Bryant

THE BONUS TRACK: The Hallelujah” and “Deaf” are my two favourite songs off of Jon Bryant’s debut album “Two Coasts for Comfort,” the latter of which was the free single of the week on iTunes some couple of years ago.

The Hallelujah – Jon Bryant

Deaf – Jon Bryant

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