Phillip Phillips – Home

For the first time in my life, I watched an entire season of American Idol this year. I have not always been a dedicated fan of the show, only catching glimpses here and there of the contestants throughout the years as my mom watched religiously from our family room. However, when I tuned into the audition rounds and saw 21-year old singer-songwriter Phillip Phillips audition this past season, I was immediately hooked. I wanted him to win, and tuned in every week to see if he made it into the next round.

A pawn shop worker from Leesburg, Georgia, Phillips has that unique indie-style that I never imagined to find on the popular television show. An incredibly humble and down-to-earth person determined to remain true to himself, Phillips spent week after week performing songs by artists such as Damien Rice, Matchbox 20, Billy Joel, and CCR. He even managed to make Usher’sU Got it Bad” sound like the best indie-song ever written.

Much to my delight, Phillips was crowned the winner of American Idol on Wednesday, and his coronation song “Home” perfectly showcases his style. Often compared to Dave Matthews and Mumford and Sons, Phillips definitely has a bright future ahead of him in the music industry. I just pray that he continues to practice his signature style!

Phillip Phillips – Home

THE BONUS TRACK: As a huge fan of Damien Rice, I was nervous to hear to Phillips’ version of “Volcano” for fear that I would not like it as much as the original. Phillips did an impressive job, however, and the version only made me more excited to hear Phillips’ own work in the future. Check out the song below, and click the link to watch Phillips’ audition for American Idol (including his rendition of Michael Jackson’sThriller“)!

Phillip Phillips – Volcano

Phillip Phillips – Audition


  1. Jordan

    I found this on Hypem. :D. I’m so happy Phillip one. He’s actually original, unlike most on American Idol. And Home is so uplifting. Man. Thanks!

    • Thanks Jordan! That’s exactly why he stood out to me so much! It was killing me that I couldn’t vote for him in Canada! Very original and humble… I’m so happy that he won too :)

  2. You should also feature this band in your future post.. Check out their latest single “Stars” from OakStreetBlues. This would be a great addition to your site.

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