Julia Stone

Living and studying in beautiful Australia (as I am now) definitely has its drawbacks… Like cramming my brain in preparation for nearly impossible exams while suffering in the winter cold for the month of June. It’s JUNE! I should be basking in summer warmth right now. Ya, I know, Australia is a gust of wind compared to Canada’s winter chaos, but why can I not just have sun 24 hours a day and warmth 365 days a year? Is that so much to ask for?!

Anyway, during my daily procrastinating routine of eating, complaining, and finding new music, I discovered that one of my favourite Aussie’s finally released her much anticipated solo album. The lovely Julia Stone, from the brother-sister folk duo Angus & Julia Stone, unveiled her second full album “By The Horns” last week. Angus and Julia, both with stunningly sedating voices, are best known for their hit track Big Jet Plane, featured on numerous TV commercials.

Solo Julia dishes out that familiar dreamy, mellow tone classically heard from an Angus & Julia Stone record, but brings less pop and more emotion to her album. In her first track, “Let’s Forget All The Things That We Say,” that vulnerability and sentiment is immediately expressed in Julia’s distinctively unique voice. This emotion continues in “It’s All Okay,” providing lyrical hope with lines like: “and it’s all okay, ‘cause love will find a way to be what love is” (I ‘love’ that line). Other key tracks definitely worth dropping some eaves (eavesdropping) on include: the cover of The Nationals’Bloodbuzz Ohio, andThe Line That Ties Me.”

Also check out Active Child’s remix of “It’s All Okay;” it is quite the delight.

With the melancholic tone of “By The Horns”, perfect for Australian winter weather (and Canadian summer thunderstorms I might add), I definitely know what I’ll be listening to on the next warm rainy day.

Julia Stone – Let’s Forget All the Things That We Say

Julia Stone – It’s All Okay

Julia Stone – Bloodbuzz Ohio (The Nationals’ Cover)

Julia Stone – The Line That Ties Me

Julia Stone – It’s All Okay (Active Child Remix)

THE BONUS TRACK: Surprise! Just wanting to share my favourites. If you haven’t heard their stuff, take an extra listen to Angus & Julia Stone’s track, “And The Boys.”

Angus and Julia Stone – And The Boys

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