I am Oak

The past few weeks have been great- school is done for the summer and I haven’t yet started working, so my days have consisted of spending time with my friends and scoping out new

music to share with all of you. Today I introduce you to I am Oak, the indie/folk work of the musician Thijs Kuijken. Based in The Netherlands, I am Oak has been described as providing “warm and soothing songs with an acoustic guitar and vocal backbone, complimented with strategically placed layers of colorful vocal harmonies, banjo, bass, organ and minimalistic beats, all carefully constructed in his room.” I am Oak’s most recent album “Nowhere or Tammensaari” was recently released on June 1st 2012, and to date the first single “Palpable” is my favourite. Other notable songs from the new album include “Marrow” and “Everything in Waves;” and unlike his earlier albums, “Nowhere or Tammensaari” is Kuijken’s first album created with his band. I am Oak’s earlier albums are also impressive and worth listening to. The song “Trees and Birds and Fire” is beautiful and reminds me in a strange way of both The Great Lake Swimmers’ “Your Rocky Spine” and Sufjan Stevens’For the Windows in Paradise, For the Featherless in Ypsilanti.” At last, I can’t write about I am Oak without mentioning Slowcoustic, the blog that directed me to Kuijken’s work in the first place. Supportive of many of the same bands that have been featured here on TBT such as JBM and The Great American Desert, Slowcoustic is a fantastic blog worth checking out on twitter or the web! I am Oak – Trees and Birds and Fire I am Oak – Palpable I am Oak – Marrow I am Oak- Everything in Waves  

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