Introducing: Fucking Werewolf Asso

fuckingwerewolfassoOne of the BEST and I mean, straight up best albums of two thousand and eleven was Fucking Werewolf Asso’s third bandcamp release, Nittiotremo. Comparable to being chased by Patrick Bateman in eternity, the album starts maniacally with spoken words to tie a generational thought process and then goes off the charts with intensity. And …Read More

Introducing: The Canoes

The CanoesChicago’s alternative rock leaders, The Canoes, are all about witty, twisted lyrics paired with puppy eyed, musical jaunts that fool you into believing their false hope for the future. ‘American English’ is a perfect track to demonstrate how this bands brutally honest assessment of cultural values can be distilled into a quaint system of interchangeable …Read More

Introducing: Il Abanico

ilabanico-crossing-colorsLast year Il Abanico released the Crossing Colors EP ( introducing a band that was able to take viagra gold 800mg reviews memorable pop moments and twist them into startling caricatures. Working with fluent, melodic instrumentals, the vocals of Juliana Ronderos layer themselves regally, creating harmony with lexapro high symmetry. Beyond the more scientific profundities …Read More

Introducing: Grey Visions

greyvisons-jack-phinneyGrey Visions (, the Jack Phinney side quest, works more closely on the somber emotions seen in the slower Jean Jackets ( tracks. Even when Walpurgis Night takes moments to jog, it’s done with the ease of mind that’s completely transparent within the melodic, tearful tracks. Overall, the album is a splintered look between melodic …Read More

Introducing: Air Tycoon

Air-tycoon-bandAt the time I’m writing this, Illinois based electronic artist, Air Tycoon ( has 87 Facebook fans and 31 Twitter follows. In the online economy, run by “thumbs up” icons and click counters; In an online economy that empowers the user to democratically raise their peers, Fuck Everything I’m God is nothing. However, this demonstrates …Read More

Introducing: Tim Fitz

Screen shot 2011-12-07 at 5.00.16 PMThere are a few reasons why Tim Fitz of Sydney stands apart from the crowd. First of all, he demonstrates a musical proficiency and level of improvisation live that rivals that of Andrew Bird. Secondly, supporting a wild loop station investigation, his vocal melodies play perfectly, emoting a wide spectrum of human emotion; tortured moans, …Read More

Introducing: PORCHES

Frontman, Aaron Maine has been writing and playing under the name PORCHES ( for quite some time now and beyond being one of the most notable live acts in his Up-State-NY music scene, he’s released three nearly perfect records. From the debut Summer of Ten through his most recent work, a collection of songs, otherwise …Read More