Hayden Calnin

Hayden CalninBased in Melbourne, Australia, 22-year old Hayden Calnin has got some serious talent to share with the world. Grabbing the attention and support of Aussie radio station, triple j, Hayden was recently featured as a new upcoming artist in their triple j Unearthed program. Beginning his musical career with a guitar at the age of …Read More

Julia Stone

juliastoneLiving and studying in beautiful Australia (as I am now) definitely has its drawbacks… Like cramming my brain in preparation for nearly impossible exams while suffering in the winter cold for the month of June. It’s JUNE! I should be basking in summer warmth right now. Ya, I know, Australia is a gust of wind …Read More

Rhye – Open

rhyeWho is Rhye? That is a good question………… Not much is known about this mysterious Los Angeles based electro-pop duo. The band has left no trails, tracks, or prints. Not a smidge. Both their Facebook and Tumblr pages have kept their identities completely concealed. There has been some speculation of the possibility that the twosome has …Read More

Azealia Banks

Azealia BanksAzealia Banks is one Bad@$$ B*tch. Listen to her voice and her beats… it just reeks of swagger. Real tough independent woman swagger. It makes me wonder why I never decided to become a rapper. If you don’t believe me, here is a preview of her lyrics (some of my favourite lines): I’m f****ing with …Read More

Dante – Next to You

DanteDante Kinnunen, or better known by his stage name Dante, has unearthed my wandering soul. Based in Stockholm, current drummer of the Swedish indie band, The Concretes, (and my new beloved artist of the month), recently kicked off his solo career this past year with release of his debut EP, “Next To You.” Inspired heavily …Read More

Matt Corby – Souls A’fire

Matt CorbyAfter release of his new EP, “Into the Flame,” Matt Corby, Australian singer-songwriter from Sydney, Australia, has gained quite the following from his recent lead track, “Brother.” With a soulful, smooth, and tantalizing voice, Corby has again proven his talent and teased the world with another preview of what is to come. “Souls A’fire,” also …Read More