Citizens! – True Romance

Citizens!One could say that some people just have their hands on the pulse of trial version of cell phone spy master the underground culture – picking up the resounding heartbeat of the cool new sound just before it echoes to life. This would accurately describe LA’s High5Collective who helped promote acts such as Odd Future …Read More

Introducing: Il Abanico

ilabanico-crossing-colorsLast year Il Abanico released the Crossing Colors EP ( introducing a band that was able to take viagra gold 800mg reviews memorable pop moments and twist them into startling caricatures. Working with fluent, melodic instrumentals, the vocals of Juliana Ronderos layer themselves regally, creating harmony with lexapro high symmetry. Beyond the more scientific profundities …Read More

The Most Serene Republic and Broken Social Scene: London Music Hall January 16, 2011

To start my year of concerts off on the right foot, i had the great opportunity to go see The Most Serene Republic and Broken Social Scene play a show at the London Music Hall on January 16th. I know that that’s a long time ago and that i’ve put this off for a while, …Read More

Keys N Krates: Lees Palace December 9th 2010

Playing to a packed home crowd, headlining the historical Lees Palace in Toronto, the dynamic trio, Keys N Krates had their crowd captivated from the start. From the moment the trio took the stage, the band’s energy rubbed off on the packed house. What makes the Toronto based band so unique is their ability to …Read More