Daft Punk – Random Access Memories

daft  Its crazy to think that its been 8 years since Daft Punk has released an album, this being 2005’s “Human After All”. Although its been is generic cialis that long, their music is still without a doubt relevant, and extremely popular. birth control online pharmacy Now personally, I’m not usually one for electronic or …Read More


SKYWLKRDetroit has been known to produce a fair share of musicians – everyone from Aretha Franklin to George Clinton to Eminem to Alice Cooper. With the recent success of Detroit-based producer SKYWLKR, the city may add another name to its’ prestigious music list. Involved deeply in the production of upcoming rapper Danny Brown’s album XXX, …Read More

Alvin Risk – Diminishing Returns

Alvin RiskIn the context of music, the idea of “love” has had far ranging definitions. Love has been a losing game, your downfall, a many splendored thing, and a battlefield. Producer and singer Alvin Risk is asking to add another definition to the lexicon with his song “Diminishing Returns” in which he describes the concept in …Read More

Apparat – Song of Los

apparatWhen looking up information about German electronic musician Sascha Ring, better known as Apparat, one of the first quotes you see, in explaining his switch from dance electronic music to something softer, he talks about becoming “more interested in designing sounds than beats.” Just like Apparat’s music, there is a simplistic beauty to that statement …Read More

Dingus’ Top 10 DIY Artists of 2011

parsha-3Those of you who have been following TBT for the last few months will have noticed a segment we like to call “Introducing” brought to by our friends over at Dingus Music Blog. Showcasing various DIY acts from all over the world, their blog is dedicated to finding talented music acts who aren’t getting the …Read More

The Irreprisibles – In This Shirt (Röyksopp Remix)

The Norwegian electronic music duo Röyksopp is revisiting The Irreprisibles’ 2010 debut album Mirror Mirror with an epic remix of the track In This Shirt. Röyksopp decided to keep their remix surprisingly simple and practically intact to the original song by the ten-member orchestra band, until around three minutes into the track where the heavy …Read More


I’ve been really curious about Thundercat’s upcoming solo album entitled the Golden Age of Apocalypse produced by Flying Lotus. The artist first caught my attention when I first heard Flying Lotus‘ masterpiece album Cosmogramma which featured him in the track “MmmHmm”, leaving me hungry for more of that magical bass playing of his. Anyways, I’ve …Read More