Dante – Next to You

DanteDante Kinnunen, or better known by his stage name Dante, has unearthed my wandering soul. Based in Stockholm, current drummer of the Swedish indie band, The Concretes, (and my new beloved artist of the month), recently kicked off his solo career this past year with release of his debut EP, “Next To You.” Inspired heavily …Read More

Rachael Yamagata – Chesapeake

Rachael YamagataI have long been a fan of Rachael Yamagata, a singer-songwriter from Virginia who is well-known for her bluesy indie songs that have been featured in numerous television shows including The O.C, Grey’s Anatomy, How I Met Your Mother, and One Tree Hill. Her two studio albums, “Happenstance” (2004) and “Elephants…Teeth Sinking Into Heart” (2008), …Read More

Rooney- “Rooney”

RooneyThe spring weather has finally arrived here in Toronto. Everywhere you look, people have taken their favourite t-shirts out of storage, are riding their bikes around happily, and are generally in a really good mood. For me, the sunny weather doesn’t just involved a change in clothes, but also signals a change in music. While …Read More

Spector – Chevy Thunder

SpectorIn pairing the phrases “Spector” and “music” what would usually come to mind is mega-producer turned crazy inmate Phil Spector. But, London-based five-piece indie rock band Spector might change all of that. A more Britpopesque version of The Killers, Spector’s music is the kind that is instantly and, almost without effort, likeable. Their new single …Read More

Citizens! – True Romance

Citizens!One could say that some people just have their hands on the pulse of trial version of cell phone spy master the underground culture – picking up the resounding heartbeat of the cool new sound just before it echoes to life. This would accurately describe LA’s High5Collective who helped promote acts such as Odd Future …Read More


Wakey!Wakey!Wakey!Wakey!, an indie pop/rock band from Brooklyn, New York, is an up-and-coming group worth checking out. Led by frontman Mike Grubbs, Wakey!Wakey!’s music combines a number of instruments including the piano, guitar, drums, violin, trombone, and accordian to achieve a catchy and matchless sound. Last year, Wakey!Wakey! embarked on a worldwide tour that excitedly brought …Read More