The Show Goes On

lupeOriginally posted October 27th 2010: Ok… Well… This is the most special day of the year I guess! LUUUUUUUUU! Here is his re-entrance to the world of “MY ALBUM IS ACTUALLY GOING TO BE RELEASED!” by giving all of us the chance to hear the first single off of his album to be, Lasers! The …Read More

Lupe and Dre

Dre and EminemOriginally posted on November 17th 2010: Considering that there has been an overabundance of songs released by artists who have been working on weekly updates, getting these two tracks are breaths of fresh air in my world.  On top of the rarity of these rappers releasing music comes my extreme excitement for both of their …Read More

Gorilla Warfare Tactics – drugDILLA

drugdillablogTwo years. We’ve waited two years and finally, the time has come. We last heard from Gorilla Warfare Tactics with their single, Dark Saber Jedi, after which the group ceased to release music. Recently resurfacing from their hiatus, the group released drugDILLA, a single off of their long awaited mix-tape Zoology, expected to drop on …Read More

Azealia Banks

Azealia BanksAzealia Banks is one Bad@$$ B*tch. Listen to her voice and her beats… it just reeks of swagger. Real tough independent woman swagger. It makes me wonder why I never decided to become a rapper. If you don’t believe me, here is a preview of her lyrics (some of my favourite lines): I’m f****ing with …Read More