Indie Holiday Music | 2011

Rockefeller-Center-Christmas-In-New-York-City-1-EE0B2944IN-1024x768In the spirit of the winter season, whether your celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Diwali, Kwanzaa or any other holiday I may have forgotten about, chances are that over the past month you’ve heard your fair share of traditional Christmas music. While some people might eat that stuff up as they prepare for the holidays, we here …Read More

A Tribute to John Lennon

30 years later, and I believe it’s time for a John Lennon renaissance. So today, on the thirtieth anniversary of his tragic death, we must celebrate the incredible legacy that is John Lennon’s work. Having grown up with his music (as my mother was a Beatles’ junkie), the Beatles, and namely John Lennon have been …Read More

7 Underrated Beatles Tracks

I find that most people that listen to The Beatles only stick to their favorites and the classics (real fans excluded) . Don’t get me wrong, classics are great, but there is a TON of Beatles material out there that is so under rated. I’m not talking about songs in their least popular albums, I’m …Read More

Fleet Foxes; No one’s gonna love you like I do

I feel it’s an appropriate time to recognize one of my favorite bands of all time. I want to comment on the band for a minute before turning two a couple new tracks. Two summers ago, Nab (fellow writer) showed me the Fleet Foxes. Their self-titled album quickly became our summer car soundtrack. We …Read More