A Blogger’s Valentine

With today being Valentines Day, the day of sometimes awkward, sometimes silly, sometimes brilliant and sometimes lonesome dates, a little consortium of bloggers (13 of us to be exact) came together to bring you some songs that either mean a lot to us, or mean nothing, just sound good and make us feel happy on …Read More

Peter Wolf Crier: Inter-Be

Peter Wolf Crier is a dynamic indie folk duo composed of Peter Pisano (former Wilco frontman) and Brian Moan. Hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota, the band exceeded my expectations with their debut album, Inter-Be. Even more appealing is the fact that the majority of the album was put together in one night. With a snazzy band …Read More

She & Him Better Together

If there are two musicians who can always put a smile on my face, it’s Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward, and their band She & Him. While M. Ward remains one of my favorite solo artists (Check out M.Ward’s Classics), the addition of Deschanel’s delicately beautiful voice makes for truly special music. Although I truly …Read More